About the Boulder City Museum and Historical Association
Originally established to find a home for the important artifacts and archives from the construction of Hoover Dam and Boulder City, the BCMHA’s role has expanded considerably. In addition to the permanent exhibit and the collections, the BCMHA now hosts or co-hosts several cultural and historical events; engages in educational programs for both children and adults; supports the efforts of other community-minded organizations; operates an historic hotel and restaurant; and provides for the proper care of the Boulder Dam Hotel, one of the city’s most prominent historic landmarks.

The Boulder City/Hoover Dam Museum tells the story of the Boulder Canyon Project as it was experienced by the men and women who braved the desolation of the Southern Nevada desert to build Hoover Dam and Boulder City. The displays and exhibits describe the great social and economic forces of the Depression Era and provide a sense of the complexity, danger, and scale of the project.

The archives are housed on the Ground Level of the hotel where they are accessible to researchers for a variety of purposes. The collections are recognized as a national treasure by Save America’s Treasures and the National Park Service. They are under the care of a museum manager who is responsible for ensuring the museum’s collection policies and standards are maintained.  

BCMHA Governing Docs