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31ers Educational Outreach
The 31ers Educational Outreach Program focuses on enhancing the Social Studies curriculum for school-age students. Through our 31ers Educational Outreach Program, students will learn about the families who migrated to Southern Nevada during the Great Depression, settled the Boulder Canyon Project Federal Reservation, worked on the construction of Hoover Dam, and created Boulder City through our interactive exhibits, oral history monologues, and hands-on activities.
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4th Grade Curriculum Overview 
Standards - 31ers Educational Outreach Program 

Grade 1:
How the Hollyhock Came to Boulder City 
H1.1.1Describe local life long ago including jobs, school, communication, transportation, and recreation.
H1.1.3 Listen to histories of important local landmarks that create a sense of community among citizens. 
G6.1.3 Identify patterns of change in the community 
G7.1.2 Explain that some people live in locations other than where they were born 

Grade 4:
Life on the Colorado – Surviving Ragtown - Life on the Reservation
H3.4.1 Compare and/or contrast their daily lives with children in Nevada’s past.
G6.4.1 Describe the distinguishing features of historical regions in Nevada. 
G8.4.1 Describe ways physical environments affect human activity in Nevada using historical and contemporary examples. 
G8.4.2 Describe how technologies altered the physical environment in Nevada, and the effects of those changes on its people. 

Grade 11: 
Hard Times - Life on the Boulder Canyon Project Reservation 
G8. [9-12].1 Analyze how changes in the physical environment can increase or diminish its capacity to support human activity. 
G8. [9-12].2 Describe the ways in which technology has affected the human capacity to modify the physical environment and evaluate possible regional and global impact. 
H2. [9-12].9 Describe the causes and consequences of the Great Depression
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