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Due to the historic nature of some titles, the publisher has been listed for ease in research. 
Hoover Dam

Construction of Hoover Dam - US Bureau of Reclamation  

Hoover Dam: an American Adventure (1988) by Joseph E. Stevens 

Colossus: Hoover Dam and the making of the American century (2010) by Michael Hiltzik  

The Story of Hoover Dam (1931-35) reprinted from Compressed Air Magazine 

America's Master Dam Builder: The Engineering Genius of Frank T. Crowe  (2007) by Al M. Rocca  

Big Dams and Other Dreams (1996) by Donald E. Wolf 

A Pictorial History of Hoover Dam (1999)  - Boulder City Youth Advocacy Council 

Building Hoover Dam: An Oral History of the Great Depression (1993) by Andrew J. Dunar and Dennis McBride

Hoover Dam: 1931-33 Drawings, Etchings, Lithographs (1986) by William Woollett

Around Boulder City  (2008) (Arcadia) by Cheryl Ferrence 

Hoover Dam (2013) (Arcadia) by Renee Corona Kolvet   
Southern Nevada

Hard Work and Far Away From Home (1995) by Dennis McBride  

Friendly Fallout 1953 (2010) by Ann Ronald  

Nevada's Lost City (2012) (Arcadia) by Dena M. Sedar

Early Las Vegas (2013) (Arcadia) by Dr. Linda Karen Miller

​Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of Southern Nevada (2010) (Arcadia) by Shawn Hall 

Las Vegas: As it Began - As It Grew (1971) by Stanley W. Paher 

Nevada Towns and Tales Volume II - South (1982) edited by Stanley W. Paher 

A Short History of Las Vegas (1999) by Barbara Land and Myrick Land 

50 Classic Hikes in Nevada (2006) by Mike White  

The Historical Nevada Magazine: Outstanding Historical Features from the Pages of Nevada Magazine (1998) Nevada Magazine  

Touring Nevada (1983) by Mary Ellen and Al Glass  

Nevada’s Historical Buildings (2009) by Ron James and E.S. Harvey  

Nevada’s Changing Wildlife Habitat (2012) by George E. Gruell 

The Mining Camps Speak (1998) by Beth and Bill Sagstetter  

Portraits of Nature (2001) by Roy Purcell

Geology of the Great Basin (1986) by Bill Fiero 
Children's Books

The Great Southwest Activity Book (2004) - Rising Moon

Monsters in the Woods: Backpacking with Children (2007) by Tim Hauserman

The Hoover Dam (2010) by Jeffrey Zuehlke

Hoover Dam (2001) by Elizabeth Mann 

S is for Silver: A Nevada Alphabet (2004) by Eleanor Coerr
​Colorado River

The Bridge 2010: A Collection of Photographs (2010) by M.S. Burger  

The Very Hard Way (2007) by Brad Dimock  

Every Rapid Speaks Plainly (2003) by Brad Dimock  

The Doing of the Thing (2004) by V. Welch, C. Conley and B. Dimock   
Hoover Dam (American Experience) - WGBH/PBS

Hoover Dam Construction & History Films - Quality Information Publishers 

American Moments: The Hoover Dam - Wonderscape Entertainment *shown in Museum Theater 

Modern Marvels: Hoover Dam - The History Channel 
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